Apple has launched a new dessert called Blackberry in Korea.

The company said the new dessert will feature a combination of Blackberry flavours including strawberry, raspberry and blueberry and will be available in Korean markets.

It comes in two flavours – strawberry and raspberry and will retail for $7.99.

The Blackberry dessert is not the first Korean dessert Apple has released, but it is the first one made using a new ingredient.

Earlier this year, Apple announced the release of a new fruit-flavoured ice cream in China called Gumi, which comes in three flavours – peach, banana and strawberry.

Apple is currently in China, where it is testing out new technologies that could help the company boost profits.

Apple has previously been criticised for its low-quality food and food quality.

Last year, the company was forced to recall a range of products in China after customers complained that the food was not as fresh as it was claimed to be.

Apple did not comment on the reports.