More than 20 traditional Christmas desserts have been created in a nod to the holiday tradition.

In a new book, The American Christmas Dessert, authors Chris Dye and Dan Cawley describe how they recreated a number of traditional Christmas treats, including “Christmas pudding”, a mix of chocolate and vanilla pudding, a gingerbread man and a ginger and apple fudge man.

They also show off a range of new recipes, including a “hazelnut and pistachio butter biscuit” and a “glazed doughnut”.

In their book, Dye said traditional Christmas dessert recipes “are as varied as the seasons”, from traditional Christmas cakes to traditional Christmas cookies.

“Desserts like gingerbread, almond and cranberry mince pies, cinnamon and orange pie fill up the list of traditional treats you can try at home, whether it’s a traditional Christmas cookie, a cookie with a buttercream frosting, a traditional cookie, or just a cookie for dessert,” he said.

“But it’s also delicious to make and it’s great to see it reflected in the world around you.”

Dye and Cawry also said traditional cookies and cakes were a popular choice for traditional Christmas dinners, with a few exceptions.

“It’s always a good idea to try to keep things simple, like a traditional sugar cookie or a traditional vanilla cake,” he explained.

“When you make them, you’ll find that there’s a lot of little bits that really add a different texture, and they’re a great way to add a little bit of a different flavour to your dinner.”

“But don’t feel bad about making them a little simpler, they’ll be a lot better for the holidays,” he added.

Dye also said there were a lot more modern desserts, from chocolate and caramel to cookies and waffles.

“I think it’s really important to remember that the tradition of baking, the tradition that is in many ways a cross between the Victorian tradition of making Christmas pudding, and the modern tradition of eating cookies and pastries, is not really very old,” he noted.

“If you can recreate a tradition that has so much longevity, then you’ve got a pretty good chance of having a successful holiday season.”

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