Posted April 12, 2019 12:08:50 Oreos are the next big thing, and now the Oreo company is launching a new dessert called “Dessert” that it hopes will capture consumers’ attention.

Oreos can be bought at the retail chain’s online stores, and the new dessert will be available in stores by the end of the year.

The company is taking the concept of “Disco Dessert” and “Oreo Cake” a step further by adding “dessert” to the name.

Oreo Cake will have “disco cake,” which means it will be a sweet, chocolatey, light dessert with whipped cream, Oreo-infused frosting and Oreo icing.

Disco Cake is a “diet” that will include “one cup of sugar, four tablespoons of coconut oil and three tablespoons of dark chocolate,” according to the announcement.

“When it comes to taste, it’s not as sweet as the other Oreo desserts but it’s really good,” Oreo CEO Matt Mullenweg said.

Oreos will have a “fresh” taste, and will have the same ratio of sugar to fat as the rest of the food they contain, but will also have a slightly different texture, according to Mullenweg.

He said the company is trying to avoid the “fat bomb” that can occur when a dish is over-processed.

OreoS “Dough” will also feature an “overnight” shelf life.

Mullenwegs first foray into dessert came when the company launched a soft serve version of its Oreo Crunch bar.

It sold out quickly and was later replaced by a chocolate dessert that included vanilla cream, chocolate chips and sprinkles.

The company has since discontinued its soft serve Oreos.

Munnenwegg said the new “Diet” dessert will feature a mix of “frozen, pre-baked and pre-powdered” items and will include different flavors of coconut milk, milk, ice cream and chocolate chips.

The new dessert also will have fresh flavors, such as coconut water and vanilla.

Mulla’s first foray as CEO of Oreos came after he was named CEO in January 2019.

The move to “Dice” in 2019 is expected to be a gradual one, according in the announcement from Oreos parent company Nestle.

“Dice,” or “dice-like,” Oreos “are designed to be fun and delicious,” Mullenweed said.

“It’s a fun and healthy way to enjoy Oreos.”