What is the best Christmas dessert?

I have a feeling there are many.

It depends on who you ask.

I have my favorites from the holiday tradition, like the gingerbread cookie, the chocolate cake and the turkey cranberry sauce.

What about the best new Christmas treats?

I love the ice cream, but the chocolate and gingerbread cookies are my absolute favorites.

It’s the best ice cream on the block, and the cranberry is a treat for the whole family.

I love my pumpkin spice latte.

But the pumpkin pie is also a must-try.

And the turkey cobbler is another one I will definitely be back for again and again.

And if you’re looking for a dessert you can’t get anywhere else, you’re in luck!

I have to admit, there are some desserts that I absolutely love but I just can’t think of them all.

Which is why I’m giving you some of my favorites to inspire you to try.