There is a sweet, slightly sour and slightly bitter undertone to the scent of Mont Blanc.

It’s a scent I love to smell, and one that, as a baker, is a huge part of my job.

But the reason I love it so much is that it’s a wonderful and unique scent.

It comes from the soil of the Blanc region of northern France, and I’m a big fan of this region because it’s rich in the same kind of fruit that I love, but also has a distinct hint of cinnamon.

So when I was a child, I would buy cinnamon rolls, and now I’m buying chocolate chip cookies, and those are all made from the same fruit that Mont Blanc is.

I think that Montblanc is one of the best things I’ve ever had in my life, and it’s an absolute pleasure to wear.

It reminds me of home.

I love the way that a chocolate cake smells like the kitchen that’s on the top of a hill, and the way the snow flurries on the ground, or the scent that comes from that snow, is something that I adore.

There are some sweet notes in Montblann, too, but the cinnamon is there.

I have a really, really fondness for it.

But it’s not just a scent.

The way it smells makes it feel very romantic, very natural, and very modern.

Mont Blanc’s signature fruit is white sugar.

There’s a lot of white sugar in my wardrobe, but I always like to use a blend of sugar and fruit because it just works better.

And the white sugar that I like to work with is also a bit more sweet, so it works well with other sweet notes.

And it has a kind of herbal quality that I’m really into, and so it really makes me want to do more things with white sugar and other natural fragrances.

It does have a bit of that white sugar sweetness that I really like.

And there’s also a really strong floral note that I also like.

So I always have a blend in my house, and there’s a blend that I’ll use when I’m making a cake, and a blend I’ll make when I make a cake sauce, and then a blend when I want to make a dessert.

When I’m baking, I have this blend that’s really sweet, and also has an earthy, woody and floral note.

It really works really well together.

And then when I go to the grocery store, I’ll just blend that.

I can really smell what I’m doing with my skin and I get the best results when I use that blend.

So if you’ve ever tried to find a blend, it’s usually something that’s very different from the white sugars you find in white cake, or even a bakery blend, that I will just use.

But I’m not really a big baker, and when I first started out as a mom, I was very much a cobbler and I never did much cooking.

I just did all of my cooking and baking.

So it was a lot more like a cottage business.

And when I moved out to New York and started making my own pie crusts, and pastry, and desserts, I realized that there were all kinds of different fragrings out there that I could use.

And that was really liberating because now I could make my own blend, and be able to smell it.

So that’s what I love about Mont Blanc: it’s so natural and sweet, it works with all kinds, and because it has this floral and herbal note, it has so many other amazing things that I can use.

Theres a bit a floral note in it, and you get a woody note as well.

There is an earth note in there, too.

I really enjoy those kinds of floral notes in my perfume because it gives me so much warmth and a lot, I don’t know, you can really use it for your bath, to smell things on your skin.

You can really make it your own.

It also has this earthy quality, and floral notes that work with the other sweet and herbal notes in the fragrance.

So you can make it a nice addition to a cocktail.

There really is something about it that works for a lot.

It has a very floral and citrus note that’s perfect for summer cocktails.

There also is a strong floral and earthy note that works really great with some of my other fragrions, but for me, it just has that floral, sweet, herbal and earthiness, and for cocktails, you have a floral and sweet note that adds so much complexity.

And in cocktails, it also has some kind of floral and a woodiness and a bit woody, and that really works.

So there is a lot to love about this blend, because it works so well with everything from a cocktail