The story of how Dominos Pizza made its namesake pizza may be a long one, but it’s not a story that will stop the company from raising awareness about its slavery past.

Domino’s has been under fire recently for not disclosing that the company is a “slave-farming, slave-labor and slave-factory owner.”

The company also has faced a wave of boycotts and even a federal investigation into whether the company has violated federal laws banning slavery.

In response, Domino has promised to improve its image as a company that works to fight slavery.

“We’ve taken a step forward to acknowledge that Domino is a company who cares about their customers and employees, and that they are human beings,” CEO Tony Gentilcore said in a statement on Tuesday.

“That’s why we’ve made significant changes to our leadership team and our commitment to ethical business practices.

We also have made clear that our corporate culture is one that supports the dignity and worth of all people, including those of color, women and LGBT people.”

The news comes at a time when Domino and its other competitors have also taken steps to improve their image as businesses that fight against racism and slavery.

Last month, Domo’s announced that it had hired former CNN host and Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King as its first African-American executive.

And in March, Domos’ new chief executive, David Lipski, came out as transgender, an announcement that also came on the heels of a public outcry over the company’s treatment of transgender employees.

“I am so proud to be an African American and proud to serve in this role, and I hope that our new leadership team will lead Domino to the same heights we achieved,” King said in his new role at Domos.

“I am also proud to stand with my fellow African American employees to fight for justice and equality.”