From the start of this month, the mango dessert trend has seen a surge in popularity.

This week, the Australian food blog Hungry Mango gave a guide to the most popular mango desserts, from the simple to the complex.

More than 100 mango desserts were featured, with all of them featuring a sweet mango flavour.

Some of the favourites include the banana cake, which features sweet, sweet banana and is made with coconut milk, banana cream and sugar, while the mango tart is filled with mango, pineapple and lemon.

The sweet and savoury banana cake is another popular choice for the sweet and tart mango dessert.

It uses mango syrup to create the sweet-tasting base and then adds a few sprigs of orange peel and a touch of lemon.

The lemon tart is a savourful mango dessert with a hint of lemon zest and lime.

Banana cakes and mango cakes are also popular desserts in Australia, with the Banana Cake and Banana Cupcake topping the list.

Banana cakes are more complex than the other mango desserts and contain more fruit, such as bananas, strawberries and bananas.

The banana cake also features mango syrup and coconut cream, so it’s a good choice for those who love bananas.

Mango cupcakes are another popular dessert in Australia.

They’re filled with sweet mango cream and coconut milk and can be eaten as a main course or with an ice cream.

The banana cupcake is the most basic version, with just a few fruit bits and sugar.

Minted bananas are another favourite of the mango desserts.

They are made with mango syrup, sweetened coconut cream and bananas, but there are also mango cupcakes and banana cake desserts.