I was invited to a wedding dinner at my house.

I was expecting to have an amazing evening with my family and friends.

Instead, I found that the most exciting part of the evening was being treated to some cake. 

I had ordered some vanilla cake to go along with my dessert plates. 

It came with an orange glaze, which I did not want, and it was frosted with vanilla buttercream.

I then ordered a chocolate cake with a strawberry frosting. 

The cake was a nice size, but the frosting and glaze did not do it for me. 

In the middle of the night, I had a conversation with my wife. 

“I’m going to have a little cake,” I said.

“I’m thinking it’s the one that the wedding guests had when they were eating dessert.

But then I realized that I should make this cake.

It will be the centerpiece of our wedding, so we need to use it for the table.”

I thought this would be easy.

I’d put the cake in the refrigerator and make it later. 

But then I got home and realized that the icing on the cake had started to melt.

I tried to make it work, but it was very difficult. 

As I went through the recipe, I realized how difficult it was. 

What I did was take a sheet of cake paper, fold it into thirds and lay it in the center of a cake plate.

Then I folded the remaining cake in half and then folded it in thirds, again making the center. 

After the first fold, I put a cake knife on the tip of the cake and slid the knife across the top of the sheet. 

With the knife, I pushed the paper over the cake to make sure it was even and then I pressed the knife down so the paper slid across the plate. 

Then I placed the cake on the tray and slid it out. 

To be honest, I didn’t even think it would be that difficult.

I thought the icing would melt, so I could put the icing in the icing bowl and make sure the cake was nice and fluffy. 

Once the cake plate was made, I cut a piece of paper into two equal pieces, then placed them on the plate and folded them. 

Next, I placed a sheet on top of each cake plate, making sure that I had the right amount of paper on each plate.

I folded each piece into thirds, and then placed the halves on top. 

This way, the cake would be in two halves. 

While I was working, my wife and I finished the decorating.

I made a few different shapes and colors, and I did make a few extra decorations to make them stand out a bit more. 

When we were done, I went to the counter and grabbed a few pieces of cake plate to cut out the little details that I wanted to include in my cake.

I cut the paper pieces into quarters and put them on top, and put the sheet on the table. 

Now that I was done, the frosted icing was ready to go on top and the chocolate cake on top for the dessert table.

It was a lovely and simple dinner. 

Thanksgiving Day I had two guests.

I invited the second, and they were so excited about Thanksgiving. 

We were getting ready for dinner.

I wanted to try a variety of desserts, and my wife was making chocolate cake.

She was going to try the strawberry cake.

Then she went to grab a cake for the cake table.

I went out to the kitchen to make the frostings and glazes, and while I was waiting, I thought about how delicious the chocolate icing could be.

The next morning, my guests were at my door. 

They asked me what I was doing.

I said, “I’ve been baking a cake.

What do you want to eat first?” 

They were surprised. 

 I asked them if they would like to make something.

They said, “We have a lot of friends who love cake.” 

My wife then asked,  “What kind of cake?” 

My husband replied,  “A chocolate cake.”

After they said that, I said that I think this was going very well. 

My guests went out for breakfast and the first thing I made was a chocolate chocolate cake for dessert.

 I didn’t have the cake tray, so the cake came out of the fridge.

I used the paper that I’d made for the icing. 

A little bit later, when they came back from the breakfast, I saw that they were still hungry. 

So I put the chocolate in a cake bowl and the strawberry in the cupcake bowl, then I made the frosty icing.

I had my husband mix up a little bit of strawberry, but I let him mix it up for me, because I thought it would make the icing a little softer. 

Since I was