Wendy’s is a world leader in the dessert world, and the dessert company is doing its part to win over a global audience.

Wendy’s and its parent company, Wendy’s International Restaurants (WRI), are best known for their popular Wendy’s Szechuan Chicken Wings, Wendy-style waffles, and Wendy’s Original Cheesecake.

The company also offers its own line of desserts, such as the famous Original Cheezy.

But it is also home to other great dessert companies that have been able to make a name for themselves by combining flavors and textures.

The Wendy’s desserts are some of the best known in the industry, but you won’t find many other people enjoying the food at their home.

In fact, many people are turned off by the taste of Wendy’s, even those who don’t eat the traditional menu.

Wendy and Wendys desserts have the most complicated taste of any restaurant dessert and the people who have tried them all know they taste like crap.

Here are the top 5 best Wendy’s dessert recipes.1.

Wendy-Style waffles Wendy’s Waffles are one of the most popular dessert recipes in the country.

Wendy has a reputation for being an incredibly tasty waffle and waffles are a staple of many people’s day, but a few years ago, Wendy got into the habit of cutting out the middleman.

This meant they had to add a layer of cream cheese and butter to their waffles to give them that extra extra crispy topping.

It was a pretty big change, but they stuck with it and have since become a big player in the desserts industry.2.

Wendy Szechuans Wendy’s Wendy’s’ Szechun is one of Wendys best-known desserts, but there are other Wendy’s waffles on the menu.

There is the Original Cheesy Wendy, Wendy Wafers, and most recently, Wendy Sausage Waffles.

In the past, the Original Szechuns were so popular that the company created an entire line of them called Wendy’s Sweet Sausages.

These waffles were a lot better than their regular waffles and made the waffle look so much better.3.

Wendy Sauce Waffles Wendy Sauce is one Wendy’s sauce that everyone wants to try.

Wendy doesn’t have to make everything exactly the same.

It can be a little more delicate than the other Wendy sauces and it’s even possible to find some of their Original Waffles that are actually made with a little extra sauce.

Wendy can make some of these waffles without the extra sauce, but for the most part, they’re made with the original recipe.

Wendy also makes the waffles that they sell at Wendy’s restaurants.

The Original Chewy Wendy Waffle is probably the most famous Wendy Sauce waffle, but Wendy also sells the Wendy’s Signature Sauce Waffle, a sauce that is made with one of their most popular sauces.

Wendy sauce waffles have a crispy exterior and a soft interior that makes them a lot more enjoyable than waffles made with their standard waffles.4.

Original Chewz Waffles Original Chez Wafes are Wendy’s favorite dessert, but the company also makes waffles called Cheez Wafels, which are a little tougher than the standard waffle.

Cheez wafers are also made with Wendy’s signature sauce.5.

Original Sausan Waffles The Original Salsa is one the most beloved Wendy’s sauces.

The original Salsa sauce is actually made from one of her waffles (though it’s probably not the best one) and the sauce is also made to be soft.

The sauce is a little bit more salty than the wafes, but it still tastes good.