Easy dessert recipes are the next thing people are learning how to make at home.

With so many different options on the market, it can be difficult to choose what to make and what to eat.

Here are some easy dessert recipe ideas for the new year.1.

Lemon-Garlic Chocolate CakeWith a lemon-garlic chocolate cake, a quick and easy dessert that is perfect for a holiday party or holiday brunch.


Vanilla Apple TartWith a delicious, light-flavored vanilla apple tart, this is a perfect summer dessert for those who enjoy dessert without sugar.3.

Chocolate Chip Cookie CakeWith the perfect chocolate chip cookie cake, this easy dessert for a party or dinner can be served up for breakfast or anytime you want a sweet treat.4.

Chocolate Covered MuffinsWith a chocolate covered muffin, this recipe is simple to make, but it makes a delicious dessert for lunch.5.

Strawberry MuffinWith this delicious strawberry muffin recipe, you can have a great dessert for any occasion.6.

Banana Coconut MuffinaThis banana coconut muffin is a great breakfast treat or lunch treat, and it’s a delicious treat for a Christmas or holiday party.7.

Lemon Chocolate Cake with Marshmallow FrostingWith a cake made with lemon, marshmallow and chocolate, this delicious dessert is a fun dessert to make for a birthday party.8.

Vanilla Coconut CakeWith this recipe, it’s simple to get started with a simple chocolate cake for a Halloween party or a holiday brunch for a busy family.9.

Strawberry Chocolate CakeThis is a delicious and easy holiday dessert that can be used to add color to a Christmas dessert.10.

Banana Chocolate CakeA simple banana chocolate cake recipe for a family holiday celebration.11.

Marshmallow CakeWith marshmallow frosting, this simple dessert can be enjoyed with a family gathering for a quick holiday dessert.12.

Strawberry Banana Chocolate MuffiniA strawberry banana chocolate muffin can be topped with whipped cream and marshmallow.13.

Chocolate Mousse With Chocolate SauceWith a dessert made with chocolate sauce, this dessert is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas.14.

Strawberry Lemon Chocolate MousselineThis simple dessert recipe for your birthday party is a treat for the whole family.15.

Apple Pie PieWith a pie made with apple, vanilla, and chocolate that is light and refreshing, this pie is perfect to make a birthday or holiday dessert for your family.16.

Lemon Cake with Chocolate SauceA cake made from lemon, vanilla and chocolate can be paired with a cake or a chocolate mousse.17.

Lemon Mousse with Chocolate CreamCreamy lemon mousse can be mixed with a chocolate cake or ice cream for a fun and festive dessert.18.

Vanilla Cake with Cream SauceMake your own cake for an easy holiday dinner.19.

Lemon Covered Strawberry Lemon MuffinationA delicious and quick dessert that makes a perfect holiday treat for your guests.20.

Lemon Coconut MousseA quick and delicious dessert that combines lemon and coconut for a delicious summer dessert.21.

Lemon Candy Cane CakeWith lemon, chocolate, and candy, this cake is a festive treat for any holiday party that needs something sweet.22.

Banana CakeWith banana, chocolate and candy cake, there is nothing like enjoying a holiday dessert without having a candy or treat in your mouth.23.

Lemon Sugar CakeWith sugar, lemon, and vanilla, this sweet and delicious cake is perfect as a birthday dessert.24.

Lemon Lime MousseWith lemon lime, vanilla bean, and orange juice, this lemon mousselina is the ultimate holiday dessert with a sugar twist.25.

Lemon Apple MuffinusA delicious, easy holiday party dessert.26.

Lemon Cherry Cane PieThis dessert is made from cherry, apple, and lemon with a little vanilla ice cream.27.

Lemon Lemon Mango CakeWith mango, vanilla cream, and a little lemon ice cream, this banana mango cake is the ideal summer dessert!28.

Lemon Caramel MousseThis delicious and simple dessert is perfect on its own.29.

Lemon Ice Cream CakeWith lime, ice cream and a lemon ice cube, this refreshing summer dessert is light, refreshing, and perfect for any summer party.30.

Strawberry Lime CakeWith strawberries, lemon and chocolate frosting on top, this ice cream cake is another holiday treat.31.

Lemon Banana MousseMake your favorite banana mousse with a lemon, pineapple, and banana topping.32.

Lemon Orange Creme CakeWith orange, lemon peel, and coconut cream, there are few desserts that are perfect for Christmas and holidays.33.

Lemon Raspberry Creme PieThis is the best birthday dessert for the family.34.

Lemon Custard CakeWith fresh whipped cream, orange and orange zest, this soft, sweet dessert is just the way to go.35.

Lemon Cranberry TartMake your dessert with fresh cranberries and lemon zest.36.

Lemon Cream CakeA delicious dessert made from cream and lemon