By MOHAMED DHAJANIPublished Mar 08, 2018 09:04:01More than 5,000 people from across Singapore celebrated Valentine’s day this year with desserts that have a sweet twist, like the Valentines Day cake and the Chocolate Cake with chocolate and whipped cream, which was served at a table with the traditional white tablecloths.

A group of students from KKG-Singapore University, who created the dessert, said they wanted to highlight the importance of Valentine’s and the importance that a good relationship with a loved one plays in life.

“We wanted to create a sweet Valentine’s cake with chocolate, whipped cream and a special surprise.

It is a delicious Valentine’s dessert,” said student Shamsuddin Abdul Qasim, who has been studying abroad in Singapore for three years.

He said he had a great idea to create the dessert but did not know how to use a pastry machine.

He wanted to use the whole cup of the cake to make the dessert and added a few other ingredients.

He then cut it into squares and rolled it out in the garden, so it would be ready to eat in the morning.

The students also created Valentine’s chocolate cake with a cake with whipped cream inside and chocolate frosting on top.

He added that they were not sure if they would ever make this Valentine’s Cake again.

“I want to make a Valentine’s birthday cake again, and I will be making another one for my boyfriend next year,” he said.

A chocolate cake is a popular dessert and is often served with a dessert of ice cream, cake, cream cheese and chocolate.

The sweet Valentine cakes can be purchased from vendors selling sweets and sweets accessories, including sweets bars, cakes, candy and cookies.

They can also be found at cafes, restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores.

Some desserts also come with a sweets note.

The chocolate Valentine Cake with whipped ice cream is one of the most popular Valentine’s cakes in Singapore.

The Valentine’s Birthday Cake with Chocolate Frosting has been popular in Singapore since the 1980s and is made with chocolate buttercream frosting.

This Valentine’s Valentine’s Chocolate Cake has been served at several restaurants in Singapore and is also a popular Valentine Cake.

The Chocolate Valentine Cake was made with a cream cheese frosting made from the ingredients used in this Valentine Valentine’s holiday dessert.

The Sugar Valentine Cake is made from a chocolate cake made from chocolate butter cream frosting, whipped ice creams and sugar.

This Sugar Valentine cake is made by making a sugar cake with cream cheese, whipped icing and a chocolate frosted cake, which is served at various restaurants.

The Coconut Valentine Cake has a coconut topping.

The Mango Valentine Cake makes a sweet coconut cake with coconut cream and chocolate sauce.

The Apple Valentine Cake can be made with coconut milk and sugar, as well as whipped cream.

The Lemon Valentine Cake tastes good with fresh lemon ice cream.

A Valentine’s Sugar Valentine Cupcake is one Valentine’s cupcake.

The Fruit Valentine Cupcakes is one cupcake that is filled with fruit.

The Chardonnay Valentine Cup cake is served with chardonnayan or white wine.

The Valentine’s Cupcake with Lemon Cream is another Valentine’s sugar cupcake, which also tastes good.