It is one of the most famous desserts in Ireland and the Blondies are known for their delicious baked cakes, cakes of different colours and they can also make their own cakes. 

Blondie cakes are made with a mix of sugar and milk and are served at weddings, christenings and birthdays. 

The Blondy’s are a speciality of the area and their cakes are a favourite among locals and tourists alike. 

A Blondee cake consists of two or three layers of pastry which are then baked with a variety of ingredients. 

There are various types of Blondees including the classic and the more modern ones. 

You can even make your own and try to recreate the perfect cake with the help of your friends and family. 

They are very popular with Irish visitors. 

If you have never had the opportunity to make Blondi’s Cake you should try to get a hold of one of their bakeries and they will be delighted to tell you all about the best Blondia desserts. 

In the picture above you can see a Blondeie cake that was baked by a baker in Dublin who made the perfect cakes.

The Blondeie cake is made with butter and flour and then coated with egg white and milk. 

It is a popular and popular dessert and people all over Ireland love it. 

For the best result, the cake should be baked with the lid on and you can serve it warm. 

Try to get one of these delicious cakes to give you some extra inspiration. 

What is Blondiemaking?

The Blondaemaking is a specialty of Blonda and a popular pastry in Ireland. 

Cake making is one method that Blondiamans use to create the perfect Blondias cakes. 

 A Blonda is the traditional name for a pastry. 

This is made from pastry, eggs, milk and butter. 

Pies are a traditional shape and are often shaped with egg yolks. 

To make a pastry, the mixture is mixed and then rolled into balls, then cut into shapes. 

All of the pastry is then covered with an icing that is baked on the top. 

Bread is the most important part of a Blonda. 

So what are you waiting for?

 Grab a slice of Blondeia cake from our bakery and enjoy the taste of Irish tradition.