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article Apple Watch face design will become a lot more fun with Apple Pay coming soon, but the company is keeping it classy with its dessert pizza.

Apple is teaming up with the popular dessert pizza restaurant The Pizza Hut to create a dessert pizza that is made with ingredients like ricotta cheese, roasted sweet potatoes, and caramelized onions.

The pizza is going to be served with a caramelized onion sauce and a sweet potato crust.

The Pizza Huts first desserts pizza, a pie called Sweet Potato Pizza, debuted last year and quickly sold out.

That pizza was topped with caramelized potatoes, but Apple is now rolling out its new dessert pizza with its new Apple Pay payment solution.

In a press release, Apple said it’s working with The Pizza Houts, who has been serving a number of its customers in New York City and San Francisco since its founding in 2012, to create its new desserts pizza.

“We are excited to collaborate with The Pizzahut to deliver a new Apple-branded dessert pizza experience that’s just as delicious and easy to make as its predecessor, the original Sweet Potato Pie,” said Steve Wozniak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.

“Apple Pay is a new way to make and enjoy delicious food that’s convenient, convenient, and convenient.”

The PizzaHouts is also partnering with Apple on its upcoming app for the Apple Watch.

It’s called The Apple Watch App, and it will allow users to make a special order from a restaurant and have it delivered to their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Apple Watch app.

This new app will be available for free on the Apple watch app store starting on Thursday.

In addition to The PizzaHut, Apple is also launching an Apple Pay store in Canada for its Apple Watch and iPhone.

This store will feature a range of Apple Pay-compatible items, including Apple Pay products, and will be in stores in Ontario and Quebec starting on Wednesday.

Apple says it will launch its Apple Pay payments in 2019.

We’re going to try to make sure we have all of the new and interesting things that are coming soon for the new Apple Watch,” said Phil Schiller, Apple CEO, during an earnings call in March.

Apple will also be launching a new app for Apple Watch that will let customers tap on their Apple Watch bands and order a new dessert for their Apple Watches.

Apple’s new Apple Wallet app is coming soon and will feature more than 2,500 Apple Pay stores.

In addition to the new desserts, Apple also is adding another new type of Apple Watch complication to its apps.

This is called the Apple Pencil, which is a small, square tool that can be used to create multiple drawing or writing apps.