The summer season is the busiest time of year for farmers in North America.

Farmers in the Midwest have seen a lot of new corn planted and they are looking for more acreage to grow it.

But some are wondering what the next season will bring.

Last year, McDonald’s bought a stake in the dessert wine industry.

That deal is expected to close in the coming weeks, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Burger King bought a similar stake in June.

Both companies have been busy expanding their holdings in the summer, bringing in new brands such as Burger King Double Double-Double, which is now available in 11 states.

But they are also adding new seasonal flavors and offering new desserts.

The companies are also planning to make more use of traditional food items in their restaurants, including some new items that include cheesecake, French fries, chocolate chips and hot dogs.

They are also investing in new products that include new ice cream flavors and more seasonal items such as fruit pies.

This is a trend that has been gaining steam as more and more companies are looking to capitalize on the growing demand for dessert.

In July, McDonald announced it would purchase a minority stake in Baskin Robbins, which operates several food service and beverage businesses including the popular Double Down and Double Down Burgers.

The deal will see McDonald’s share price rise by more than 80 percent, as it plans to become a minority shareholder in Basking Ridge.

The company is also buying an interest in the California-based restaurant chain, which has been in business since 1919.

It is a significant investment for a company that has struggled to stay afloat.

For years, McDonalds has struggled with high turnover and low profitability.

But with new food items and seasonal menu items like the Double Down Burger and Double Up Burgers, customers are beginning to realize that the restaurant is making money.

According to the latest market research firm Mintel, the average price of a Big Mac in the U.S. last year was $2.89.

Last month, the company’s stock gained more than 3 percent.

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