Wendy Sauter and her son Josh are both vegan, but Josh is still the biggest fan of banana pudding.

So when she heard a new line of vegan snacks was coming out, she immediately bought a couple of packages of it and a banana pudding treat.

The banana pudding is actually a vegan version of a traditional wendy sauce that is typically used for making banana pancakes.

But when she tried it with the pudding, she fell in love with it and says she’s never looked back.

“I love it,” she says.

“It tastes just like a wendys waffle.”

Wendys Waffle Banana Pudding Ingredients: 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, plus more for drizzling Banana pudding sauce (such as Nutella) 1 1/4 cups light brown sugar 1/3 cup heavy cream 1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional) Directions: Melt the cocoa powder in a medium saucepan over medium heat.

Add the sugar and brown sugar, stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Continue to cook for about 10 minutes or until the mixture begins to thicken and turns a light golden brown.

Cool the mixture.

Add in the heavy cream, vanilla extract and the banana pudding sauce.

Stir until well combined.

Add to the banana mixture and mix until well blended.

Pour into your favorite serving bowls, and enjoy!

Notes: 1.

This recipe makes a total of 6 servings, or 8 servings per serving.

To serve a couple, use one serving for each banana.


Waffle bananas are a favorite of many vegetarians and vegans.

The sweet, crunchy texture of these small, juicy bananas makes them ideal for savory dishes such as waffles, pancakes, or waffles with banana jam.

Waffles made with waffle bananas can be delicious served with fruit or even with fruit salad.


If you’re looking for a delicious banana pudding, try a waffle banana sandwich or a banana banana cheesecake.


You can make waffles by simply cooking the banana pieces in a pan over medium-high heat until the waffle browns and begins to crackle.

The waffles will keep in the pan for a few minutes.


If banana pudding and banana are your thing, try the banana banana muffins.


Try a banana vegan pizza crust.

This one is simple to make, and it is delicious.