Apple is allowing you to use “diet” to get what you want with its App Store.

The company announced today that you can now order and receive dessert recipes using the app.

The ability to order food from the App store allows you to customize your meals with ingredients that are specific to your particular taste preferences.

The idea is to make eating out a bit more flexible than just eating out at restaurants, which can be a little bit intimidating.

You can order pizza, a burger, and a cheeseburger and receive a “dinner menu” that includes all of that.

You will have to fill out the form and pay for the items you want, but you can also get a “preferred dessert.”

Apple says the new feature makes it easy to order and get dessert, but there are some caveats.

You must make sure you order the dessert in a special way.

If you order an item with a name you do not like, you will be asked to choose a new name.

You also must order the desserts with a specific ingredient.

You cannot order any item if you do the same thing over and over again, and you can’t add items you don’t want to to another dish.

If there are too many desserts, the order may be canceled.

This is a nice change to make when ordering a dish and seeing all of the options in one spot.

It’s a pretty big step forward for the App.

If it works, the company should be able to add this feature to other Apple products soon.