A new menu item at Taco Bell is expected to go into full effect on Jan. 10.

According to a press release, the menu item “dinner without eggs” will be available starting Jan. 4.

It will feature “the most beloved Mexican dish, a bowl of creamy, eggless Mexican tacos with rice and beans.”

The menu item was inspired by the famous dessert dish known as “Taco Bell’s Original Chicken Taco.”

The new menu is the latest addition to the popular Taco Bell franchise, which is known for offering a wide array of dishes to its customers.

The menu items on the chain’s website include Chicken Taco Tacos with rice, beans and cheese, Mexican Beef Tacos and Chicharrones with beans and salsa.

The chicken taco was the first of many dishes to come from Taco Bell that have been inspired by popular Mexican food and inspired by an original Taco Bell menu item.