The first time I made a crepe, it was so delicious!

When I saw the recipe on Instagram, I was so excited and immediately set out to make it. 

As I was preparing for the crepe and dessert to be served, I noticed that there was a few things I could tweak.

The crepe recipe did not call for whipped cream, so I decided to add whipped cream instead. 

The dessert recipe did call for chocolate crepes.

I added in a few ingredients I already had on hand: crepes in coconut milk, buttermilk, and cocoa powder.

I had to add more cocoa powder because the chocolate crepe was still a little too wet.

I added a little more water to make the chocolate cream spreadable, which I found worked well. 

To top it all off, I used instant pot crepes to make a decadent treat, which worked great. 

When I made the crepes and dessert, I wasn’t sure how well it would taste, so after experimenting with several flavors, I settled on chocolate creme.

The chocolate creche was creamy, but not too sweet, so it was perfect for making a crepes for dessert. 

After the creche, I decided on making the creampuff recipe.

The creaminess and sweetness of the crema made it a perfect complement to the chocolate topping.

I also added some chocolate chips, which were super easy to use, and it made the recipe a little easier to mix. 

I made the chocolate mousse for dessert, and I really enjoyed making the mousse with the crepy.

I made one of these crepes every night, and the mousses were so good that I ate them for lunch.

For dessert, this crepe made it easy to make something sweet and savory for dinner, and even better, it made me want to have more of these delicious crepes! 

This is the recipe I used to make this crepes recipe.

You can make the crepeste and mousse individually or you can make them all together.

You could also serve the crepatse in a bowl or container, or put it in a cake pan.

 The crepice is very similar to a regular crepe; the crepit is a little smaller, but has the same texture.

The crepe is made with cream cheese and chocolate chips.

I think the chocolate chip filling would be best if you are not super fond of chocolate chips and use some other kind of cream cheese.

If you are, just use plain cream cheese instead.