The story of Turkey’s unique desserts.

By Alex SiegelThe U.S. is known for its love affair with food, and that love has led to many different flavors of food being consumed on a daily basis.

But while the U.K. is the most famous among its cousins, Denmark and Turkey have been doing their fair share of the cooking and baking work, too.

In fact, the two countries are the only two countries in the world to produce all of their own dessert desserts.

The rest of the world is far more likely to produce them, but that’s a topic for another day.

Let’s dive in and see what it’s like to cook and bake a dessert from a different country.

This is a Danish dessert that is one of our favorites, but I don’t have a Danish recipe to share with you.

This is just my version.

The recipe for this Danish dessert is actually quite simple: two large custard cups and some butter.

Then it’s all about the filling, which is whipped cream, a few vanilla bean and chocolate chips, and of course, a dollop of Nutella.

You can substitute some fresh fruit for Nutella or you can simply substitute it for powdered sugar.

You can make it with all the flavors you like.

You might be tempted to make this with whipped cream but don’t, it’s too soft and heavy.

You’ll be surprised how much Nutella you can make in just a few minutes with this recipe.

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