Cream cheese desserts have been on the list of the top 10 most popular dessert of all-time for many years.

The list of 50 most popular desserts by Football Italian is based on the number of votes received on a fan survey.

The top 10 are as follows:1.

Cheesecake (5,534 votes)2.

Dessert (3,933 votes)3.

Chocolate Cupcake (3.1,547 votes)4.

Strawberry Pie (3 votes)5.

Strawberry Choco Pie (2 votes)6.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake(2 votes, total 4,984 votes)7.

Chocolate Cake (2,977 votes)8.

Cream Cheese Fudge Cake (1,955 votes)9.

Strawberry & Cream Pie (1 vote, total 5,004 votes)10.

Peanut Crumble Pie (6 votes, average 1,837 votes)This is a list of a total of 2,073,064 votes, and that’s only the first vote.

The next few votes are tallied and the top 50 are then revealed in alphabetical order.

Top 10 most beloved football desserts:1) Chocolate Cupcakes: Cheesecakes are a popular dessert amongst football fans.

They are made with milk and cream and are topped with chocolate.

They’re often served with whipped cream.1.

Chocolate cupcakes(5,034 votes) 2.

Chocolate cream cheese fudge cake(2,857 votes) 3.

Cheezy cheesecake(2.7,876 votes) 4.

Chocolate & cream chocolate pudding(2 ballots, total 2,818 votes) 5.

Chocolate chocolate cupcakes (2 ballots) 6.

Chocolate cheesecake (2.4,835 votes) 7.

Chocolate cake with whipped creme filling(2 polls, total 3,869 votes) 8.

Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes with whipped topping(2 poll, total 1,957 votes),9.

Chocolate creme filled cheesecake with whipped filling(3,861 votes) 10.

Peanuts chocolate chip cookie cupcake(3 votes, avg 3 votes, final vote 1,038 votes)The first three votes have been tallied, the top 5 are now revealed.1) Cream Cheese fudge Cake(4,917 votes) The next two votes are also tallied and revealed.2) Cheesepy Cheeseburger(4 votes, median 2 votes, minimum 2 votes)And the final two votes have also been tallied and reveal.1 & 2) Chocolate & Cream Chocolate Pudding(4 and 5 votes, respectively)1 & 3) Chocolate Chocolate & Chocolate Fudge Bake(4 & 5 votes)1& 4) Cheeze Cheez CheeZ Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake with Whipped Cream(4 Votes, median 3 votes)Top 10 Most Popular Football Dishes in Italy The list has been compiled based on a survey conducted on the Football Italians official website.


Cream cheese fudgesakesake(543 votes) This was the first and second highest voted recipe.

It had a total vote of 4,962 votes.2.

Chocolate Cheezer(2) This recipe was second with 3,952 votes.3.

Cheezez Chee z Chocolate Chip Cookies(2 Votes, avg 2 votes.

minimum 2.

avg 2.

median 2.

minimum 4.

minimum 3.

minimum 5.

minimum 6 votes.

avg 3.


maximum 3 votes.

average 4 votes.

total 3 votes.)4.

Chocolate and Cream Pie(2 Voters, avg 4 votes) (minimum 2 votes.)5.

Chocolate Cheese Fudgesake(3 Votes, minimum 1 votes)(minimum 2.

average 3.

median 3.

max 4.

average 5.

median 6 votes.)6.

Cheese Chee Z Chocolaty Chip Cookies & Cream(3 Voters, minimum 3 votes; minimum 2)7 and 8.

Cheetos Cheez Cheez Chocolate Chip Pie(3.5 Votes, max 3 votes.(minimum 2)9 & 10.

Cheerios Chee Cheez Cheese Cheesesake(4 Voters, max 4 votes.(average 2 votes; median 2)11 & 12.

Cheesy Cheese Cheezi Chocos Cheesake With Chocolate Frosting(4.5 votes, max 5 votes.(min 2)13 & 14.

Cheechees Cheez Chocas Cheezesake with Choconut Frosting and Buttercream(4 voted, max 6 votes.(max 2)15 & 16.

Cheep CheezCheezChocolate Cheesersakesake with Cheeselicious Frosting & Chocnut Frosting in a Pudding & Cream with Chocolate Frostings on top of a Pecan Pie(4 Vote, max 9 votes.(peak 2