Restaurant-style food is a popular trend in the world of fine dining, but what exactly is the term?

We spoke to a few experts and food writers to get the scoop.


The best dessert diners around: Best dessert recipes by chef Rick Steves | Rick Steve’s restaurant is known for its signature desserts, including his signature “dinner diner” with “milk-filled custard-covered strawberries, cream cheese, and chocolate-covered almonds” and “sausage with chocolate-sugar crumbs” at his New York restaurant.

Steves is known to offer a few desserts per week that he will prepare himself, and we recommend the “crispy, sweet and tangy” Strawberry Rhubarb Crème, a tart, raspberry-infused dessert with cinnamon, caramel, and vanilla.

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The only dessert you should make after the wedding: Best desserts by chef Chris Leach | Leach has been known to create an exceptional dessert every single day, with his signature dessert at his Toronto restaurant.

The food is always fresh, but not overly so, with “coconut whipped cream, vanilla, and white chocolate” at the “Desserts at the Café,” which is a spot he uses to share his food with guests.

Leach is known as the “Chef of the Month,” and he has been featured in numerous magazine and restaurant articles.


The top dessert in your life: Best recipes by Chef John Colicchio | Coliczo is known by many for his signature dishes, including “fiery orange custard ice cream” and his “Sriracha-inflected lemon meringue pie” at The Cafe.

Colicuto has created several dishes in his restaurant, including the signature “Flaming Lemon and Lime Meringue Pie,” which has “a rich, caramelized lemon-based ice cream base, topped with crispy lemon slices and an assortment of fresh citrus and mint sprigs.”

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