This year, the festive season is fast approaching, but in Vietnam, what to eat during the holiday season has been a matter of some debate.

The holiday is observed on the fifth Sunday of October in Vietnam.

It is a time to take time for a meal, a moment to reflect, and to celebrate the season.

While there are many popular dishes that are made during this time, there are also some that are seasonal, like the traditional Christmas dinner and the traditional dessert.

One popular dish is the Vung Tau (or chicken) dessert, which is a combination of rice, chicken, and butter.

This dessert is a very popular Vietnamese dish.

Some Vietnamese eat this dessert with rice or other dishes that can be mixed with rice, and this is why it is called the Vong Tau.

It has been used as a traditional dish in Vietnam for centuries, and is served at Easter and other holidays.

Vietnamese dessert recipes can be found on a variety of websites, and in some of the restaurants and bakeries where I have been eating Vietnamese food, I have found that the dessert has an amazing range of options.

Some are made with a mix of fruit and vegetable, while others are made using eggs and rice.

Many of the dishes that I have tried at the restaurants in Vietnam are not necessarily available in the US, and I have to be creative with the flavors and textures that I use.

Here are some of my favorite dessert recipes from around the world, and the vegan options that I think are the best for eating with vegans.

These are not the only recipes that you can use to make Vong Tae (or Chicken) desserts.

Many vegan restaurants, bakeries, and cafes in Vietnam also serve vegan desserts like the Vegan Cake and Vung Tae.

The Vegan Cake is a traditional Vietnamese dessert that is traditionally made with cake dough, butter, and sugar.

It’s typically served with a sweetened coconut milk sauce, and there is also a vegan version of the Vegan Chicken with Rice that is very popular in Vietnamese restaurants.

This is also available in some American restaurants.

The Vung Ta is a Vietnamese dish that is a rich, creamy dessert that usually has butter, eggs, and cream.

The recipe is called “Vung Ta”, which means the creaminess and sweetness of a creamy dessert.

The creaminess comes from the coconut milk, which gives it a creaminess that is similar to chocolate.

It can be served with rice for a traditional holiday dish.

The Vegan Cake comes in a variety types of flavors and is usually served with some rice.

If you prefer a lighter flavor, I would suggest that you order the Vegan Bread, which comes in different flavors and makes it more of a savory dessert.

There are also vegetarian versions of the cake that can also be made with the egg.

The vegan version is typically made with rice.

The Vung tai is usually made with pork, or pork belly, and rice, but you can also use any kind of meat.

You can also substitute other kinds of meat for the Vang Tau.

There is also an Asian version of this dish that uses coconut milk instead of sugar.

This recipe is from the vegan blog Vegan Kitchen, which also has an excellent guide to Vietnamese dishes.

I think this recipe is really easy to make and the flavor is just perfect.

You will need a lot of rice to make it, and you can usually get it in Vietnamese markets.

The vegan version makes about 4 cups of the Vien Tau, which I think is plenty.

The version I made had rice mixed with coconut milk.

The traditional Vien Tae comes in 2 cups of rice.

The other recipe has 2 cups, and it has a slightly more savory flavor.

The dessert version of Vong Tai can also make 4 cups, which could be good for vegetarians who want a lighter dessert.

The recipe for the Vegan Cheesecake is a variation of the traditional Cheeseburger that is also vegan.

You may have heard that the Cheesecakes are made in the traditional style of making the cheesecake.

They are made from the pastry, which has been cooked with butter, then topped with the traditional cheesecake filling.

The filling is a mixture of sweetened condensed milk, buttermilk, and sour cream.

They can be made in any order that you want.

This vegan Cheesepack has coconut milk and almond butter.

You could also try making the Cheeepacks vegan and adding vegan toppings like peanut butter, coconut milk or a chocolate sauce.

I do not know of any vegan cheesecake recipes that are vegan, but I do have vegan cheesecakes from the Vegan Kitchen.

The other vegan dessert recipe is Vegan Chocolate Cake.

This recipe is a vegan chocolate cake that has coconut butter, honey, vanilla, and coconut extract.

This cake is typically served in Vietnamese or Chinese restaurants, but can be eaten as a dessert or served in a glass